Italy looks like a destination meant for summertime where you can go for picnics check out sunsets from cliffs and also roam around exploring the canals in Venice. If that’s not all you can also rest on the beaches, hike to unexplored trails and do a lot more.

But as all travelers know summer and spring is usually the busy season which means there will be tourists crowding Italy. Hence visiting during the off-season will make a lot of sense. The off-season in Italy starts during the winter season. There are tons of advantages when you visit during this time.

Don’t believe us yet? Not a problem as we will give you five good reasons why you must visit Italy in December.


Open Air Markets in Winter

When you visit Italy in December, most of the cities and small villages throughout Italy will shine brightly with Christmas lights. You will see a lot of open-air markets where you can have a good time with your family and also buy presents. It’s an experience to remember.

What we like about Italy in December is that most of its major cities will have Christmas markets. Some of the famous market names are Santa Croce, Darsena, Piazza Navona, Piazza di Spagna, etc. You can shop and experience Christmas and winter in the most local way.


Pleasant Weather

The weather in Italy during winter is not so cold that you’ll be within your hotel room! The temperature is quite moderate and ranges from 20-45 degrees Fahrenheit. At max, you will need a jacket and a scarf! The mantra here to remember will be “The more south you wander, the warmer you will be”. If cold is what you like then the north side will be more preferable.

What we like about Italy in December is that their weather is very pleasant. This makes roaming outside during winters a great possibility and you can explore a huge part of the city!


Winter in Italy means less crowd

We will be honest with you. Winter in December is the best time to visit all year. You can visit the most popular places like Venice or roam the canals without crowded tourists getting ready with their cameras and selfie sticks in hand! You can also walk around the streets, bridges and hike on unexplored trails without worrying about a crowd.

What we like about Italy in December is that the weather is pleasant, there is absolutely no crowd in a queue to check the museums and the Colosseum and you can just enjoy the parades, shows, and markets at your own pace.


More Affordable Prices

Visiting a new country and getting everything affordable is a dream for travelers. Well, guess what, when you visit Italy in December, you can get everything affordable right from accommodation, tours, transport, flights and even purchases from the market. You can choose to stay at an expensive villa or even at coastal locations like Capri or Cinque Terre.

What we like about Italy in December is that fewer people are visiting. Because of the fewer crowds, you will find that everything is affordable and hence you can have the best budget-friendly holiday possible.


Go Skiing

For those who don’t know, winter in Italy is also considered to be the skiing season. Yes, on the day of the Immaculate Conception that falls on December 8th, Skiing sloped are traditionally opened for people who wish to have a good time here. These gates will stay upon until Easter!

What we like about Italy in December is that Skiing is very sacred and people take it quite seriously. The best snow conditions for skiing can be found in late January onward. You can visit multiple ski resorts and also places like Cortina d’Ampezzo.


Italy is a fantastic place to visit in December and we hope that these 5 reasons are good enough for you to pack your bags and go for one last trip before 2019 ends. Kindly comment below and let us know if you’ll visit Italy any time soon?