A show like Money Heist needs no introduction. When it released initially, people all over the world were skeptical as this was a Spanish speaking show. Watching a non-English speaking show using subtitles is not what people look for. But then Money Heist made history.

It started as a crime and suspense based show which is based on a huge robbery. But once you watch the first episode, you surely will get hooked on. It is not easy to predict what can happen next and in many ways, you will surely be eager to watch the whole series.

Funny as it sounds, most of the cast did not have a job before Money Heist. Now, they are the most-watched non-English speaking Netflix show in the streaming giant’s history, and hence we bring you 5 beautiful reasons why you must watch “Money Heist” on Netflix.


Creative Writing

New ideas always bring a spark in the head of audiences. All such credit goes ahead to the writers who bring creative stories for the world to see. There’s so much that writers bring to the table and the same happened with Money Heist. You will see a lot of clever story-telling and stories as such will make it fun all the time.

What we like about the series is how they have made an old plot like Bank heist look so new and fresh. The intelligence of these writers can be felt with the story and continuity of each episode.


Suspense at unexpected moments

In simple words, Money Heist, as the title suggests is about a group of criminals who want to create history by robbing an amount no one has attempted. Of course, this is the main motive but thanks to their writing, you will always be at the edge of your seat. You won’t know what suspense is waiting for you!

What we like about this series is that when you don’t expect any more surprises, they’ll throw suspense so shocking, you’ll only be struck with awe! Yes, if you don’t believe us, there are 2 seasons for you!


Unique Characters and their names

We aren’t giving any spoilers but in general, each character has amazing features. They also have unique names as it’s based on cities like Moscow, Berlin, and even Tokyo. The main head is titled “The Professor” who’s mysterious and will always give you one surprise after another.

What we like about Money Heist is how each character is not just unique but also important to the story. You will love each character after you’re done watching them all as they bring something new to the table whether it’s their skills or their dialect.


Always an adventure

Initially, Money Heist was created as a one-season wonder which was broken up into 2 seasons by Netflix. But Netflix couldn’t fathom the impact this show would have all over the world and hence they couldn’t just leave this series without writing a new chapter in the form of season 3.

What we like about Money Heist is that when the 3rd season was announced it created a wave of old and new fans who watched it so much that it got more than 34 million views! Isn’t that a lot of views for a TV series?


They are Original

What makes an episode to be spectacular? We feel the climax of the episode leaves audiences with thoughts that they think until the new episode arrives. In Money Heist, each episode ends with such a climax that leaves the audience wondering what will happen next. It’s surprising and also leaves the audience crying for the next episode to be released earlier than ever.

What we like about Money Heist is that they’re so original and unique that they’ve crafted brilliant episodes. These episodes have climaxes that can shock, surprise; make you laugh and cry at the same time. Isn’t it amazing?

This is what we think about Money Heist. So tell us, have you ever watched this series or are planning to watch it? Comment below and let us know.