OCD stands for obsessive-compulsive disorder. OCD is nothing but a mental illness. OCD is caused due to compulsions which are nothing but certain activities or behaviors, which until and unless done keep you anxious. Certain kind of irregularity in the brain leads to OCD. It could be inherited like any other genetic disease. Mainly, a want or a belief for certain kinds of activities is what OCD is. OCD is of four types which are the cleanliness of anything and everything around them, perfection with arrangements, counting and shapes, some fear of rituals and lastly fear of mishappens like accidents. OCD is also somewhere related to the deficiency of B12 vitamins and to some extent minor malfunctioning of neurotransmitters in the body. It can stay with a person for a lifetime. Anxiety disorder is something that is not desired. So, here are five easy ways to deal with OCD.


Try not giving attention to not so useful thoughts


In this disorder, you keep on worrying about a particular thought which you are obsessed with. Try focusing on other important trades and matters going around you. Try to suppress the thoughts that make you anxious by diverting your mind. Listen to other important signals that you receive from your brain. Do not analyze your situation or disorder again and again. In this way, you are giving yourself yet another chance to get anxious.


Share with your close ones

Don’t fear and take a step back when it comes to sharing your problems with your close ones. You might feel that telling someone about some irregular pattern of thoughts that makes you feel uneasy might make you less than others. But it is always better to accept. In this way, at least you will be fearless in front of everyone. Moreover, you don’t even realize that this is a very common disorder, some people suffer at a minor scale and some at a much higher scale. So there is nothing to be ashamed of. Try facing your fears!


Stop Recurring thinking


Just don’t keep on inspecting each and everything you do again and again. This is nothing but doubting your work again and again. Repeated checking or introspection of work may spoil it. The reason being you lose confidence in yourself. Try reassembling your pieces and be confident with whatever you do. Don’t cling onto just one thing and waste your time and energy. It’s you who have the control of whatever you do. Just try a little harder to prevent self-doubt. Be kind to yourself. Nothing is wrong, if something is, it will fall in place sooner or later.


Try distributing the responsibility

The more responsibilities you take the more you feel anxious. The more you have the desire to check if everything is in place or is everything perfect. It leads you to a deeper level of self-analysis that whether you are satisfying the meaning of your life and whether you are at equal footing with the world. Stop comparing and give yourself a break. You are as normal and as responsible as other people around you. Stop feeling low. Keep your mind filled with healthy and positive thoughts.


Observe good qualities

Always remember, you can only boost up your confidence if you have a feel-good factor about yourself. Whenever you start to feel low or you are disheartened, try observing your qualities like maybe you care about your loved ones, or you are empathetic towards people or you are brilliant at your work. Try counting on your achievements rather than failures. Even if someone judges you, it is your responsibility to not get affected by it. You should tell yourself that people have no right to make you feel different. OCD is nothing but an anxiety disorder and it’s no big deal until you make it.

Some Final Words

Always keep one thing in mind that no one on this planet is perfect.  The crucial point is to face your fears. Acceptance always helps. If you keep on nagging to some thoughts that you are not like others or you can never be an ordinary person like other people around you then you are on the wrong track. Try getting yourself therapy and results will improve gradually. You will soon be out of these problems. Just be strong. Try investing your time in some productive and useful work. Don’t be harsh to yourself. Be kind and generous. Give time to your therapies and yourself, rest all will get better.