It will be difficult to find people today who haven’t watched Mowgli yet. Children from the 60’s onward and even the 90’s have watched it and still cry for a few moments in the movie. Even though the story released decades ago, it is still etched in the hearts of many adults and kids alike.

When it was announced that Mowgli would release again, there was uproar among children and even more in adults. Yes, the same adults who watched this movie when they were kids couldn’t hold their excitement.

Now too, this story can touch hearts whether old or young and make a difference. Guess the best part? It’s now available on Netflix. So if you’ve not watched it yet, then we will give you 5 cute reasons to watch the new version of Mowgli – Legend of the Jungle on Netflix.


Amazing Cast

A good voice-over for these characters is very important. Keeping this in mind, the cast at hand is one of the best that you can ever get together for any movie. You will see the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, Naomie Harris, Andy Serkis, Frieda Pinto, and many more astounding actors lend their voice to this beautiful story.

What we like about the movie is how they’ve ensured to find the best of Hollywood in order to make justice to each character in the movie. You are in for a treat when you watch this movie!


There are few differences only when compared to all previous versions

We have seen a lot of versions of Mowgli whether it’s the theater or even on TV. There have been movies since the 60’s where we have seen Mowgli rule all our hearts. This time too, the story is altogether the same but in totality, there are few differences only when compared to all previous versions.

What we like about Mowgli is that the director has made his best attempt to keep the story as same as possible. The only few differences will be noticed in a few scenes and also in the climax sequence.


We feel it might be a little harsh for young children

Yes, a story about Mowgli is always fun and entertaining to watch. But on the same side, it might be a bit scary for children as there are few sequences that can scare them like acts of violence, blood spatter, etc. Because of the version being looked as darker than the previous ones, it also got a stricter rating than usual movies.

What we want people to know about Mowgli is that it’s an amazing movie but on the same hand, there will be a few scenes that might not be good for younger minds. Hence a rating like this will ensure proper filtration of the audience.


Mowgli is always full of entertaining moments

Using motion capture, the director Andy Serkis has brought us a look that makes us think the animals are actually talking. For those who’ve seen the trailer will understand it looks almost too real of a story than an animated movie. These realistic movements make Mowgli even more special than he already is.

What we like about the movie is that it has tons of entertaining moments. What’s best is that because of motion capture, you’ll see a new side of Mowgli and you surely will find it more fun than ever.


Mowgli is still very positive

More than anything, watching Mowgli is good for younger children as it offers great life lessons. Through subtle ways, children learn to be more humble, kind and show mercy to others. Mowgli also teaches kids to face their fears and always be courageous to step ahead and be a leader. There’s a lot of positivity everywhere.

What we like about Mowgli is how they show a story that can develop a child’s thinking and help him/her grow into a wonderful human being. Isn’t Mowgli so good already? They’ve put in a lot of effort to get it right and make justice to a movie that many swear by.

This is what we feel about Mowgli. Now that it’s on Netflix and we gave you these 5 cute reasons, will you watch it?