2014 was the year when we witnessed the mother of all time travel movies i.e. Predestination. Some found it mind-boggling while some got their minds screwed. The plot was twisting from one scene to another and frankly, it takes more than attention and concentration to understand what is happening.

The plot revolves around the life of a temporal agent who throughout his life has been a law enforcer and hence will be taking various time travel journeys throughout eternity to keep the law intact. He has now reached the day of his final assignment and it happens to be the one criminal that has always got the better of him throughout time. Their chase is so unique, funny and surprising that you’ll be at the edge of your seats.

If you still haven’t been convinced about this mind-bending movie, we are about to give you 5 brilliant reasons why you must watch Predestination on Netflix right now!


Based on a short story

Surprise… Surprise! Hasn’t it always been like this? Whenever an epic movie or series releases, there’s a high chance that this story has been inspired or completely formulated via a book/memoir/short story. Predestination is based on a short story by Robert Heinlein titled “All You Zombies”. This story has multiple time travel loops and if read even 5 times, you can get confused as to what is the reality in the end.

What we like about the short story is how they’ve taken inspiration from it and made an even better movie out of it. The performances are outstanding and so is the epic twist in the climax.


Powerful performances by Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook

No good plot can get perfect justice without an amazing cast. The actors in Predestination must be applauded as they’ve done a fantastic job. Special mention goes to the main leads namely “Ethan Hawke and Sarah Snook”. They have done a fantastic job when it comes to bringing the right set of emotions to their character.

What we like about Ethan Hawke is how he makes time travel look so easy. We won’t give you a spoiler but Sarah Snook’s role has a twist that you won’t be prepared for!


Directed by Spierig Brothers

Peter and Michael Spierig are not just your regular set of brothers. These talented guys are twins and also have directed quite a few movies down the years. “Predestination” so far is considered as their best work and they’ve won tons of awards for it too.

What we like about the directors is that they have patiently created a mind-twisting movie that does make sense after all. It doesn’t leave you in limbo nor does it look impractical.


Predestination has more emotional realism than the short story

When you watch Predestination, you will see different times, people, areas and the situation too will keep changing. That’s how the short story was! But the only difference between the story and the movie is how they’ve brought out real and true emotions out in the open.

What we like about Predestination is how you can see the main character get trapped within a cosmic joke and how these characters express and feel each emotion no matter which time you jump in! яндекс


Time travel movie

Oh common, don’t tell us that you weren’t expecting this reason! Time travel movies have always caught the attention of any audience as you get to witness something so extraordinary! Whether it was the 70’s or the 21st century, we all enjoy our dose of time travel stories.

What we like overall about Predestination is how they’ve used time travel to craft an amazing mind-boggling movie for us to witness! If you haven’t seen it already on Netflix, do it now!