Movies are releasing all over the year but there’s something about Christmas movies that brings a vibrant and happy feeling. The stories are chirpy and always end on a good note. But that’s not always the case. Christmas time brings in movies that have displayed strong emotions right from anger to bloodshed and even depression showing what people go through in real life.

The silver lining however that is these movies have an amazing ending and keep the Christmas spirit alive. If you’re wondering what kind of movies we are talking about, then be alert as our list of 6 movies are not only good stories but also span between 8 decades! You must have these movies on your Christmas playlist in 2019!

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

How can we not mention this wonderful movie? Released in 1946 in Black and White print, this gem of a movie gave Christmas a beautiful meaning. The story is about the protagonist George Bailey who is about to commit suicide. He is then visited by an angel who tries to help him see the importance of his life and how his death will affect people who are part of his life.

What we like about the movie is that all the incidents are set on Christmas Eve and that they have explained how debt and financial crises can often drive people to commit suicide. They also have an amazing ending that gives us Christmas feels. Please do watch this movie if you haven’t already!

Miracle on 34th St (1947)

Next, we have a beautiful story of a man claiming to be Santa Claus. Kris Kringle is an old man who resembles and carries the look of Santa Claus. He gets a job as a last-minute Santa replacement. He is under the delusion that he’s the genuine St.Nick and hence will offer the right advice to kids always!

What we like about the movie is how genuine the acting is. You’ll love this Santa for sure!

A Christmas Story (1983)

Next in line is another Christmas classic set 35 years ago. The concept was sweet and funny with a nine-year-old Ralphie Parker who just wishes to own an air rifle this Christmas and nothing else. The parents deny it as he might hurt himself so Ralphie asks Santa who replies the same as his parents. The whole movie will make you wonder if Ralphie will get the gun or no!

What we like about the movie is that it’s cute and can be related to every kid who wishes for a gift during Christmas.

Die Hard (1988)

Why not add some action and ammunition on Christmas Eve aye? While everyone is busy on Christmas Eve enjoying, John McClane is battling terrorists who want to steal 600 million dollars from a safe in a tower in Los Angeles! They have many hostages and one of them is close to John! The whole movie is full of power-packed action and any Bruce Willis fans won’t regret watching this.

What we like about Die Hard is that Bruce became a well-known action star and since then there have been 4 installments in this franchise. The whole Christmas feel is present during the movie and you will love the drama unfold until the suspense on Christmas Eve!

Home Alone (1990)

If you’re looking for a funny and smart ass classic, Home Alone is what you need. The story revolves around Kevin a child that has been forgotten by his family while they board a flight for France during Christmas Eve. Two dim wit thieves think the house is empty and hence try to break in and enter. The drama that unfolds later is just too good to be true.

What we like about Home Alone is that they show what a child does when left alone at home with all the heroism and childishness. He will be shown as a child who learns to fend for himself and save his house from thieves. Watch this with family and laughter will surely make its way throughout the movie.

So tell us, which movies have you already watched from this list? Do comment below with your thoughts!