When Modern family released in 2009, it was one of those rare shows where the theme was general. We were surprised by how they would be able to pull off more than 1-2 seasons with just a general theme as most other top shows would be crime or love or horror based.

But after 10 seasons and 232 episodes, it is safe to say that this show did make a mark and has got everyone hooked on to the daily life of a Modern Family. They got renewed for one last season i.e. 11th season which will premiere on 25th September. So here we are giving you a few reasons why you must watch this general themed show that has been entertaining the whole world for 10 years. (SPOILER – FREE)

Interview Mode

One of the main reasons why you will love Modern Family is because of the interviews mid-episode where the characters reveal backstories for us to understand why a person reacted the way they did. It’s funny, humorous and also kind of making it easy for us to understand in case we didn’t understand something.

Some of the episodes will leave you in splits and some will make you feel mushy. They’ve covered it all and wrapped it up well.

Child Actors

It’s rare to find young talent that can pull off comedy, humor, sarcasm and also discipline. 4 child actors have been in the series since Episode 1 to 232. We’ve seen them grow into fine young adults and their character development has been phenomenal. It makes us feel good to see these characters age like they would in a normal family.

Their performances get better with each year and so does their paychecks. They make a good amount and give the audience their best acting performance ever. The names Luke, Hailey, Alex, and Manny will get stuck to your hearts forever.

Ty Burrell & Sofia Vergara


Some characters leave such a mark that you can never dare to forget them. In Modern Family that would be two such unique characters played by Ty Burrell & Sofia Vergara.

Ty Burrell plays Phil, an awesome dad to three children; Luke, Alex, and Hailey. He’s goofy, sometimes embarrassing but will go to any length to ensure that his kids love him. His comic timing is amazing and he will easily make you laugh. Some of you will watch the show and envy the three kids as you’ll wish Phil was your dad!

Sofia Vergara plays Gloria, a Colombian whose English pronunciation is funny, very loud and is a total pleasure to watch. Because of her high pitched voice, you’ll always find her telling with that funny accent in English.

Well written scripts

A TV series will not make a big difference if the story isn’t well written. Thankfully, Modern Family has an amazing set of writers who have scripted an amazing series. The way they have crafted a witty story and each character is quite unbelievable. They’ll show us the true reactions of each character and as per a few sources; the writers have even utilized their own real-life family experiences to create storylines in the show.

Family focus

The final reason why you must watch this show is because of their prime focus on family. This is one huge family that loves each other, hates each other but cannot live without each other. They go through ups and downs but are never alone. In the end, everything works out for them and they live happily ever after. We believe this is one show you can watch with your family and break some stereotypes.

Modern Family has won over a dozen awards and has been critically acclaimed as an amazing show which must not be missed. So here are our reasons why we believe you must watch Modern Family.

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