Let’s talk about babies, shall we?

No-No! Not how we make them, but just about them and their existence! Babies are one of the cutest creations humankind has ever witnessed. It was obvious that someday there would be a research-based series on Babies. So Netflix has gone ahead and started a documentary-series (also called as docu-series) that follows 15 babies all over Earth and their 1st-year journey.

4 researchers will give their inputs and insights that might change your perspective over how Baby’s mind operates, how they perceive everything etc. You will be amazed to know that this series took over 3 years to create and with 15 babies from complete diverse families, these 4 researchers are on a mission to find various facts about how babies bond with all of us, learn to communicate and even start walking.

If all these factors haven’t got your attention yet, we will give you 5 amazing reasons why you must watch Netflix’s documentary series on Babies.


The casting is as diverse as you can expect


If you are researching, the sample size must be diverse. With 4 ace researchers in the series, you can expect the most diverse baby crowd ever. 15 families featured her right from babies belonging to various faiths and communities. You will see different ways how a child is raised, how partners distribute baby duties among themselves and the emotions each parent and baby share!

What we like about this documentary series is how they show us the 1st year of any baby’s life and how the parents can shape them to grow into amazing human beings.


You’ll find how brain development takes place in Babies

Often we have heard experts mention our upbringing shapes the way we perceive the world. Here too, there will be an episode that will surely be dedicated to the biology of bonding between the babies and their parents. By taking an MRI of the child’s brain activity, they aim to find stress levels, responsiveness, and emotional attachment too.

What we like about this series is how they show the changes in parents along with their babies as they aim to understand what the bay needs and wants.


Babies documentary will look like a complete series



The documentary came out with 6 episodes. These episodes have tons of information that shows us how babies learn to eat, crawl and walk too. It’s a lot of research that has been invested and the result is fruitful. But don’t you think they are done! There is a second batch of episodes that are expected to release soon and those will share what goes in Baby’s mind and how they try to make sense of whatever happens around them.

What we like about this series is how they have shared priceless knowledge with us to understand babies and the way they grow in their 1st year.


Tons of information on the diet, sleep patterns and much more


Parents have often wondered what’s the right diet pattern for a baby and how much sleep is required for them to get adequate rest. With Netflix’s series and the help of 4 ace researchers, you will finally find fascinating answers about how a baby’s diet often nourishes and protects them from any outside threats. They will also show the findings on how a baby speaks its first word, takes its first step, etc.

What we like about Babies as a series is how they’ve put in so much information and helped first-time parents!


The 4 Ace Researchers you can thank


There are 4 researchers whom you must thank for this amazing research. Rebecca Spencer has studied the importance of naps for babies. Michael Georgieff has researched how micronutrients can affect babies’ ability to form memories. Ruth Feldman discovered that oxytocin occurs in new mothers and also in fathers. Susan Lynch found that babies living with dogs and cats are far more protected from developing any allergies.