From quite a long time, the buzz of Henry Cavill playing the titular role of “The Witcher” surfaced, fans all over the world have been waiting to see how he will fill up the shoes of the legendary “Witcher”. When the series finally released, the whole world fell in awe of Henry Cavill. Fans find the resemblance of him being so stark with the Witcher in the games.

There are so many reasons why a series like this must never be missed but we are here to give you 5 important reasons that will change your mind and make you watch this show instantly. Don’t worry, we will ensure to keep this spoiler-free as well.


Based little on game and more from books

The first major reason for you to watch this series is that the story has been derived a lot from the books (Blood of Elves trilogy) and partly from the games (The Witcher, The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, The Witcher 3: The Wild). For those of you who don’t know, The Witcher has 3 game installments and has been very successful. Hence whilst making this series, they ensured to utilize intricate details from the Books and the Game!

What we like about this aspect is that most books that went ahead and became a TV series or Movies have often done well. Most of the time, it is not easy to get all minute details from the story to the movie but in “The Witcher” they have done a fantastic job.


Series Location is too good

Our second major reason for you to watch this series is the locations being used! It is quite magnificent and reminds you of life in the early civilizations. As per the story, the location where all these supernatural events take place is called “The Continent”. Here, gnomes, dwarves and elves along with many other races live together in peace and harmony until monsters enter this realm and want to have the whole continent to them.

What we like about the Witcher is how they’ve shown very good and strong looking locations that help us in visualizing the story as its being narrated. The towns, the people, the clothes and even the food have been very detailed.


Mutated Bounty Hunters are too strong


Let’s get the cat out of the bag. How many of you even know what a Witcher is? For those who don’t know, a Witcher is a bounty hunter. They’re a specific breed of humans that are trained to combat monsters that entered our universe. These hunters are well trained in multiple forms of martial combat and then mutated via exposure to toxic mutagens. With the mutation, a Witcher can sense monsters, get enhanced strength, speed, and stamina, etc.

What we like about this series is that the moves, attacks, and rune based magic are just amazing. Seeing a Witcher do their thing and try their best to keep monsters at bay is just too marvelous.


Casting is to the point

Next, we must tell you that no good series can get better without a powerful cast. We are however happy to tell you that the cast at “The Witcher” is just too good. We can begin with Henry Cavill playing Geralt of Rivia, a witcher who roams the world killing monsters. Next, we have Freya Allan who plays the role of Ciri, the last princess of the royal family. Finally, Anya Chalotra plays Yennefer of Vengerberg who has been trained with magical abilities as and when required.

What we like about this series is that these actors have brought a lot to the roles and hence the series has connected well with the audience.


Henry Cavill

Finally, we have to mention Henry Cavill. He has portrayed the character of Geralt and has stepped in the shoes of the Witcher. If you check out the game, you will see that his face almost resembles the one of “The Witcher”.

What we would like you to know is that from initial reviews, people have been very happy with his acting. Let’s hope there’s one more season of “The Witcher” so we can get to witness another epic story.