On the 10th of January, 2020, Netflix released AJ & the Queen. Jell don’t go on the name as you’re not prepared for this joyride. Considered to be a mix of comedy, drama and a lot of drama, AJ & the Queen assures you to have fun and a lot of awkward moments!

‘AJ & the Queen’ has a unique and talented person who goes by the name RuPaul. He’s the writer, producer, director and even the actor of this epic series. He plays the titular role of Ruby Red who’s considered to be the larger than life New York drag queen. He somehow bumps into a 10-year-old girl AJ and that’s how their story begins.

We can keep blabbering a lot but we’ll shorten it down to 5 amazing reasons why you must binge-watch Netflix’s AJ & the Queen.


The main face of this series – RuPaul

RuPaul Charles is the star of this series. No, we mean it. Also called “Mama Ru”, he plays the main titular character Robert Lincoln Lee aka “Ruby Red” the drag queen. There’s a lot of effort put in by this actor in many departments of this series.

What we liked about this series is how one character fits the role so well that you cannot imagine anyone else even attempting the role. RuPaul is one such actor that brings grace and style combined in the story.


AJ & the Queen has a Funny Plot

Not only is the casting unique but it also is their plot that is quite funny. As per IMDB, you will see the summary mentioning about two misfit characters where one is tall and one is small! They travel from city to city where Ruby Red will perform an amazing musical number in every drag club visit.

What we like about AJ & the Queen is that through each city and drag club visit, they will touch many people’s lives and spread the love! There are a lot of emotions in this series so brace you to feel all of it.


Michael-Leon Wooley will leave you in splits always!

Michael-Leon Wooley will be seen in this series playing the role of Ruby Red’s bestie named “Coco Butter”. Every scene of Coco will leave you in splits.

What we like about Wooley as an actor is how someone with humor and amazing comic timing can make everyone laugh so hard. Do keep a note of whenever Coco enters the scene as it will be legendary!


It’s old and new at the same time

The story of a Drag Queen traveling across the states will bring back nostalgic memories for some and the rest will sound brand new. That’s the beauty of this series where every moment can be old and new at the same time.

What we like about this AJ & the Queen is how they’ve taken a simple known concept and still created a beauty of a series. People all over America will love this story and for some, it will be a joyride down their memory lane!


There is a high possibility of a 2nd season

We saved up the best reason for the last! There is a high possibility that there will be a 2nd season of AJ & the Queen. Hurray! Well, we must believe that considering how the climax of the first season almost ends with suspense. So don’t be surprised if you soon hear the news for a new season starting to be filmed.

What we like about AJ & the Queen is how within 21 days of the first season being released, people are showering love over this series and are now waiting for the grand news of a new season being renewed by Netflix.