Adam Sandler has been entertaining audiences over the past 20 years and doesn’t seem to age! Sure, he hasn’t been on a good streak lately but with Uncut Gems, he has now brought out a new “never before seen” version of him that the audience is bound to love.

Uncut Gems is the latest release in Adam Sandler’s career where he plays one of the most complex characters ever. He’s not the Zohan, the funny guy or a romantic lover boy. In Uncut Gems, he is a New York City jeweler who’s always looking for an opportunity to make it big in life.

He would not mind taking any amount of risk if it means getting rich. But doing so will affect his family life, business life and few unseen dangers that lie ahead. So are you convinced yet? If you still haven’t made up your mind, we will give you 5 absolute reasons why you must watch “Uncut Gems”, an Adam Sandler special on Netflix.


Actions speak louder than words

The best part about Uncut Gems is that the makers have decided to use a unique way of storytelling where the audience will understand everything through the actor’s behavior and actions. Instead of dialogues stating about what has happened with a character, “Uncut Gems” will display it minus the dialogue.

What we like about this storytelling in Uncut Gems is that they engage the audience indirectly & you will understand just through the actor’s actions and emotions what the other person is going through. Isn’t that a unique way to keep the audience glued to your story?


We will see a whole new Adam Sandler

Like we mentioned above, Adam Sandler isn’t having a great time in Hollywood right now and hence when this movie synopsis was released, people were surprised to see his name. The best part about fans in Hollywood is how they are encouraging actors to show them new sides of their talent. Sandler’s role is something he hasn’t done in a long time and hence as his fans, you’re in for a treat.

What we hear about initial responses is that Sandler’s performance is a testament to the kind of experience and energy old actors bring in!


The whole Cast of Uncut Gems are real gems

When you cast Adam Sandler as the lead in a dark drama, then you’ve already made a bold move. But the Safdie brothers, Josh and Benny not only successfully do this but also ensemble a power cast that perfectly fit their roles. Kevin Garnett the NBA star, Mike Francesa, a sports radio personality, Idina Menzel and many more unknown talents have taken “Uncut Gems” to a whole new level.

What we like about the casting in “Uncut Gems” is how they managed to select the perfect cast for the movie and how they’ve delivered amazing performances.


The old New York in all its dirt and shine

Showing a story darkly is the trend nowadays and few filmmakers come up with amazing stories that wow the audience. In “Uncut Gems” not only is the story dark but they’ve managed to show the old New York of the ’70s and ’80s with its dirt and shine.

What we like about the story is how you see the old New York and fall in love with the city all over again.


Safdie brothers have displayed the story in their way

What you’ll also appreciate in “Uncut Gems” is that the Safdie brothers have uniquely displayed a story. They haven’t tried showing a concept that will sell. But they’ve tried telling us a story that is close to them and hence that’s what makes Uncut Gems a special watch!

So these are our 5 reasons why we think you must watch “Uncut Gems” on Netflix as soon as you can!