It is only through parents that we have got a place in this world. Unconditional, pure and selfless love defines them. Our bond with our parents is always something so special. Yet at times, the difference in generations, ages, beliefs, and opinions might lead to small misunderstandings and conflicts. Thus for the relationship to be at its best, the relationship needs to be tended, treasured, cherished and strengthened.


Understanding Parent-Child Relationship

Parent-Child Relationship is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. It imbibes physical, cultural, mental, social and emotional values in the child. It is a very unique and special bond that can be nurtured and enjoyed by every parent and child. Hence, improving and strengthening that bond is always essential.

Improving our relationship with parents requires some work and considerable effort. But once we work to earn a great relationship with them, and work for it, we are sure to have a great time in life after that. Being a great parent is one of the toughest jobs. Similarly, maintaining a good relationship with parents as a child trying to understand them is also one of the hard jobs but not an impossible one. Here are the ways of improving one’s relationship with parents. Given below are four helpful ways that would aid in improving the relationship of a child with his or her parents.



The major conflicts arise over taking up responsibilities. Children don’t take up the responsibility that makes their parents worried. The performance of parents in a particular task also not pleases the expectations of children. Thus, to avoid all such unnecessary stress for both and to lead a happy relationship, taking up responsibility by children is essential. Taking up of responsibilities offers another advantage. The major voice of today ‘s children is that they feel they must not be treated like a child but like more of an adult and they must be heard and their opinions must be considered too. But for this to happen, children must set up mature boundaries that don’t mean avoiding or isolating. It means delving into a deeper, more mature and understanding relationship with voice and issues of both sides considered.

It all comes with taking up responsibilities. It is another added advantage. We must know how to handle and address problems and initiate steps to satisfy all(at least mostly)  of our needs by oneself. The more the responsibilities we uptake, the more the decisions we make as adults, more will our parents treat us like an adult we naturally are. The issue of not being considered feeling never ever returns.



The greatest source of problems today is that we assume things. We assume that our parents aren’t advanced enough to understand us, they never agree on their failures, and they would react so for opening up a particular thing or suggesting an idea. These assumptions make us far from them, make us have illusions that aren’t actually true. By assuming, we tend to avoid so many things from delivering it to parents. It might be like a permanent solution to our life’s problems. But the harsh reality is that by assuming, we avoid sharing of the truth. It actually leads to bigger and inevitable conflicts that can even forge a crack or stain on relationships permanently. Hence, it’s necessary to share all that is important and essential to parents.



When something goes wrong or conflict occurs between parents and us, we resort to avoiding calls or avoiding speaking to them. Children at a young age convince their parents but grown-up children resort to the aforementioned things. But it can take a serious tone and strains relationship forever. If we act healthily even during times of conflict, it makes us more mature and makes our communication better. We should remember their sacrifices for us and how vital they are for us in developing and stay in contact with them despite anything. Giving off our ego gives us a lifetime reward – a good relationship with our contact and conduct.



Children, at times, compare their parents to others, long for materialistic possessions others possess and worry that their parents didn’t get the things they wished for. It tends to reduce the affection too. Children must understand that our life is given to us by them and they must be appreciated for sacrificing so much even from their life to grow us. This appreciation overwhelms them and they too value us for honoring them. It improves the relationship drastically.


Some Final words

Instead of aiming to change our parents according to us, it is advisable to change us for them. A considerable amount of work, endurance and effort is required for that. But for this small work, the reward received is infinite times more worthy – a beautiful and ever cherishing relationship with parents.