A Quiet Place was a movie that showed horror and thriller in a way that shocked and surprised the audience. It took them just 3 days to hit the $50 million box office bracket and didn’t stop for a long time. Considering that it took less than $20 million to make, this thriller of a movie exceeded expectations of everyone.

Starring real-life couple, John Krasinski & Emily Blunt, this is Krasinski’s third picture as a director. Yes, you’ve read that right. He has directed and acted in this movie along with his wife! The movie was critically acclaimed and received praise from audiences. If you are still looking for reasons for watching this, then we will give you 4 splendid reasons that you must check out A Quiet Place on Netflix before the 2nd part releases!


The movie starts with a clever premise

The movie had a clever premise to it. It starts in a future where an evil supernatural force (alien probably) enters the earth and begins killing people. They are shown as a force that can hear sound from miles way and hunt their prey (humans). Lee Abbot (Krasinski) and Evelyn Abbot (Blunt) star as husband & wife along with their kids Marcus & Regan who’s deaf. The family learns sign language to communicate with their daughter and hence it became a blessing as they could survive in the world without making sounds.

What we like about the movie is how cleverly they set a story for it and how there’ logic for each aspect. The detailing for this must be applauded as the family learning sign language indirectly helps them survive!


You will relate to each family member

What makes “A Quiet Place” exceptional is the way they’ve shown each family member. In the premise, because of one innocent mistake of Regan, the Abbotts end up losing their youngest child. But since they have to be quiet, you can see the tension among each member. It almost looks like they’re giving the silent treatment to each other and avoiding the conversation.

What we like about “A Quiet Place” is how they show real-life family emotions and messy drama on-screen that each family can relate to.


This is as near you can get to a silent movie

It is said that half of a movie’s success is based on its sound design. If that’s the truth, then the sound designers of this movie must be given an academy award for they have done a brilliant job. The movie has less than 100 dialogues only! Can you believe that? It might be a minor spoiler but we must tell you that there is hardly a sound in the starting 20 minutes of the movie. Imagine watching this in a theater where you might end up hearing the sound of your breathing but no sound on screen!

What we like about “A Quiet Place” is how they have used a script and expressed their thoughts with less sound. It’s a task to create a movie where you don’t use one of the basic requirements ever i.e. the sound!


Emily Blunt & John Krasinski are so cute

In Hollywood, we have seen many pairs that are married and co-starred in movies. In “A Quiet Place” we will see the real-life couple of Emily Blunt & John Krasinski both of whom are talented to new levels. Emily is well known for her roles in “Edge of Tomorrow” & “The Girl on the Train”. John is famous for his role as Jim in the series “The Office” and has also directed 3 movies including this.

What we like about this couple is how they’ve acted and displayed their emotions and love for each other without speaking much dialogue! You will be astounded on their chemistry and more so with the storyline too. With the 2nd part hitting the theaters later this year, get ready for another roller coaster of a ride!