Good Morning Everyone!

To keep the ‘good’ in the morning remain the same whole day, hold on before you do anything just after waking up!
Read these things which you must never do after waking up in the morning or whenever you wake up from your sleep. Avoiding these things will surely make your day brighter and you will feel very fresh after you wake up!


“Wake up! Wake up! It’s a brand new day!” – (Don’t) Snooze your alarms!

Get up as soon as the alarm goes off to proactively start your day. Snoozing may make you feel more tired than you first woke up. As hard as it may be, it is beneficial for a healthy day to wake up on the first alarm without any delay.


Hydrating with coffee? DO NOT!

Keep yourself hydrated (with water) after getting up. Avoid coffee early in the morning, as it will mess up your natural cortisol. The best time to drink coffee is between 10 a.m. till noon. Drinking warm water in the morning is very beneficial for your body’s metabolism to work faster and provide the best digestive function.


(NO) Social media (just after waking up)

It is the most common habit to check your social media or emails as soon as you wake up. Well, it is a bad habit. Avoid it till you’ve freshened up and dressed when your mind is more alert. After all, social media isn’t running away anywhere.


Skip breakfast or breakfast without protein

Do not skip breakfast, even if you are on a diet. In fact, you must include protein and fats rich food in your breakfast for a healthy diet which will keep you productive and focused. If you skip your breakfast, your body will be missing the main fuel for its day and will not be able to perform well during the day.


Switch on TV

Avoid watching TV early in the morning. It is just noise and negativity which will ruin your peace of mind. Try to have a calm and peaceful morning for a better day. Never ever put yourself in front of the UV rays as soon as you wake up.


Tidy up your bed right away

While few suggest making your bed right away, that it is a keystone habit that will have a ripple effect on other good habits. But, few also suggests leaving the bed unmade so that there are no dust mites and the moisture is dried out.


Not letting the natural light in

Don’t leave your blinds closed. Let the sunlight enter your room. It increases our natural release of cortisol and sets the circadian clock for more concentrated requirements at work.


Bending and twisting your body

Many of us are known to the fact that we are slightly taller in the morning because of the rehydration process and expanding of the discs. Avoid stretching, twisting and bending straight away in the morning to prevent from stiffening of the spine and limiting the movements. Also, this doesn’t mean that you do not exercise at all. Exercise/yoga/meditation is necessary to relax your mind and have a less stressful day.


Preparing to-do list

It is really appreciable if you set your activities and plan out everything before execution, but, it is not recommended to make your to-do list as soon as you wake up. Don’t jump on the tasks to do, meetings to attend, emails to send, calls to make, etc. all at first in the morning. Ease up and stay calm.


Negatives are not positives

Say a big no to all the negatives in the morning. Instead, turn them into something positive for an energetic enthusiastic day ahead. Negatives can subtract your potential to work effectively and may lead to dissatisfaction.


Make decisions

Do not let your brain consume worthless questions like, “What do I wear today?”, “When will I reach office?”, etc. Make fewer decisions that are important before going to bed. This will reduce stress and will result in a smooth day.

In the end, it is all up to you what to or not to follow. Few of the habits are difficult to change, but once corrected, it will surely give better results. So, start your day while avoiding these practices to transform your life. And as they say, YOLO, you only live once, so, live healthily and happily.