Are you a die-hard fan of reading and books? You might be a person who loves to relax and hang out in libraries. The smell that comes from the pages of the books makes you feel closer to knowledge and yourself. In fact, book lovers ensure that the library they choose to be a member of doesn’t just have a great book collection but is also comfortable and elegantly designed.

And even though your library might be great, there are some out of the world libraries that would make you want to live in them. These libraries are spread all across the globe and if you plan to visit the city, do not forget to explore these libraries. 

So, let us cut to the chase and have a look at the top 11 libraries that have been amazingly designed:

 The Tama Art University Library in Japan

If you are a person who appreciates minimalism, this library is the one that you would love. Located in Tokyo, this university is one of the top art schools in the country and the library was created to inspire the students here. Built with glass walls and concrete arches, this place is a wonder and a soft place to spend your time reading as many books as you can.

 The Geisel Library in San Diego, CA

This library is a geometrically designed library. A part of the University of California, this library was named after Dr. Seuss, whose actual name was Theodor Seuss Geisel. It isn’t just great looking; it is also the home to more than 7 million books. You can spend more than a year and still wouldn’t have been able to read all the books here. This place is also a hot spot and has been used for many TV series and movies.

 The Tianjin Binhai Library in China

This library is built with curvy, white walls that are extremely mesmerizing. Built-in 2017, it has two rooftop patios and five stories to explore. In fact, its winding walls have the power of storing up to 1.2 million books. Imagine the number of books this library holds. 

The Admont Abbey Library in Austria

Renowned for its adorned Baroque architecture and art, this library is known as the world’s largest monastery library. Located on the edge of a river with mountains beyond it, the view from the library is a perfect scene. 

 The Library of Congress in Washington, DC

Located near the white house, you are welcome to visit this beautiful looking library. But only the ranking officials are allowed to read the books here. So, if you are looking for books to read, ensure that you check out the local library instead.

The Vancouver Central Library in Canada

This is the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library with garden rooftop. Inspired by Colosseum, this library is the house of over 1 million books.

The Bodleian Library in England

One of the oldest libraries in Europe, this library is a picturesque architecture. It is so beautiful that it has been featured in many popular movies (including Harry Potter). In fact, this library is a part of Oxford University. 

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading in Brazil

Located in Rio de Janeiro, this library host the largest collection of Portuguese literature. It has unique reading rooms that are under a huge chandelier and the skylight.

The Stuttgart City Library in Germany

If you are a modern architecture kind of person, this is a library that you will love. With modern lines and its all-white color scheme, it is an optical illusion. In fact, the stairs here magically switch directions. 

The Goerge Peabody Library in Baltimore

Built during the 1800s and a part of the Johns Hopkins University, this library has a beautiful Greek-inspired interior and soaring atrium. In fact, it is a popular wedding destination as well.

 The UNAM Central Library in Mexico

This library is a part of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and is painted with a stunning mural called the Historical Representation of Culture. It is an iconic building that you must check out.