Travel is one of those things that the soul longs for. To go outside, see the world, explore places and meet new people is among the most exciting thing ever. There’s a different charm to doing it on your own. Solo travel can be a new experience, one that you will always cherish.

Here is a list of 10 essentials that you should always carry to your travels to be sure of an enjoyable experience. 


Electronics are a must-have luxury but also remember battery life. Keeping chargers in hand has a vital role to play on any journey. Always remember to carry your phone charger, earphones, power bank, a camera, and camera charger while on the road to creating a memorable and seamless experience.


Identification proof and a passport are must-haves for any kind of travel. Passport is a compulsory document to carry if travelling by air, especially beyond your country’s borders. Other documentation should include the details and proof of the accommodation that is provided to you and transportation.


Clothes that are suitable for every weather should always be a part of the luggage. When packing, try to get an idea of the weather at your destination so that you can pack smart. A long-sleeved t-shirt, shoes, flip flops, a jumper and clothes suitable for every occasion should always be included in a bag. Protective wear such as caps, hats, sunglasses, and raincoats should also be taken care of by you.

You should try carrying clothes that are necessary and lightweight so that you don’t have to lug around a heavy bag. 

Underwear and socks

Sufficient pairs of underwear and socks should be another important part of your luggage. You really never know when you might need one!

First aid kit

Injuries never come with a warning, whether minor or major. Hospitals are abundant, for sure, but carrying basic first-aid is always a smart choice. Include and band-aids, cotton, badges, crepe bandage, ointment, painkillers, some paracetamol and prescribed medication for any issue you suffer. Carrying these will ensure a healthy and safe trip.


A flashlight always saves the day, especially if the trip involves trekking. The light is helpful if going to small towns where electricity can fluctuate and hence be a problem.


Always prepare a bag of toiletries before a trip to carry with you. Your toiletry bag should include

  • a toothbrush, toothpaste, and mouthwash for oral hygiene
  • grooming products such as comb and hair gel
  • skincare products which include moisturizer, sunscreen, lip balm, and face wipes
  • bathroom supplements like body wash, shampoo and face wash, comb and deodorant.

All the liquids and pastes must be of 3 ounces to save space. For women, if you prefer a specific variety or size of tampons or sanitary napkins, carry those with you, there’s no guarantee that you find the exact thing you prefer. 

Cash & Wallet

Loose cash is an absolute necessity for any kind of travel. It helps in purchasing any necessary item that was missed or in case of an emergency. Make sure you carry your credit cards so that you can withdraw cash per need.

Backpack cover

Protective covering over the luggage is always an important part of packing. Rain covers for bags are a necessary precaution that should be taken to protect the items from getting damaged. If you’re likely to encounter rain, this will save your things from getting drenched and ruined.


Safety becomes an important factor while travelling. Always keep in mind to carry a travel lock to protect your luggage from prying hands, or in case it gets displaced. When it comes to your safety, a pocket knife and pepper spray should always be kept close for protection against unwanted invaders. You should also set up a helpline number at speed dial along with an emergency contact nearby.


Remember to be smart when you’re travelling. More than that, remember to have fun!