A simple smile can do magic and transform strangers to good relations, and moments into memories. But one’s smile can’t be confident if he or she isn’t having milky white teeth. From just being unpleasant to affecting confidence, teeth have a long impact on our life’s path. Thus all aspire to know the secret to whiten teeth. Bright, sparkling white teeth that are yellow-free are desired by everyone universally. It has been the ideal thing that everyone dreamed to achieve irrespective of age.

If one looks out for that can help oneself in whitening teeth, a visit to the dentist becomes so expensive. Hence, he is simple and cheap yet effective and natural ways to whiten teeth.


Oil pulling

With the lauric acid in it,  coconut oil offers so many benefits that promote oral hygiene. From preventing tooth decay to wiping of microbes from the teeth, coconut oil is of great use. Above all, it removes stains and discolorations from teeth, making the teeth white.

Originating from the ancient Indian folks as a  remedy for overall health and in specific, oral hygiene, it involves swishing oil in the mouth for 15 to 20 mins, and spitting that carries away all stains and bacteria like microbes.


Baking soda

Finding various use in kitchens and bakeries, baking soda also helps in whitening one’s teeth. By just brushing our teeth with baking soda one or two times a week in our regular routine,  one can maintain one’s teeth sparkling white. This method can be improvised too by adding a small amount of lemon juice along with baking soda. When this mixture is used to brush, rubbed over teeth and left for a minute and then washed off, for no more than one or two times a week, it can reward one, white teeth. The mild abrasiveness of baking soda and the natural acidity of lemon helps in removing the light or less-heavy stains. It thus offers an appearance of whitening, by removing stains and discolorations.


High-cellulose food

Cellulose is a natural derivative from plants that can offer abrasive cleaning. It is a compound that is starch-like, which is obtained from fruits and vegetables like celery, apples, and carrots. These natural sources offering fibrous, high – cellulose helps in scrubbing off stains and thus whitens teeth. Thus, adequate food can become the right medicine too.


Dark chocolate

Out of the good qualities of chocolate, especially dark chocolate offers great help for whitening teeth due to its main constituent and ingredient: theobromine. Theobromine offers so many advantages like prevention of discoloration, strengthening tooth enamel, and making healthy strong and clean white pearl-like teeth.


Whitening toothpaste

Professional whitening through a dentist’s visit, can whiten teeth but at an enormous cost.  The whitening toothpaste offers one of the cheapest yet effective solutions in obtaining white teeth that fosters a sparkling bright smile too. It costs less than a fraction of the cost spent on professional whitening.



Lemons, which are naturally slightly acidic offers great help in getting one’s teeth whitened. Removing stains can be done so easily by rubbing a lemon peel on teeth. Whitening is one of the most vital properties of this fruit. If the very idea of putting lemons in mouth sinks you, it is not to be worried. It can be mixed with salt and rubbed throughout the mouth and washed. It’s a natural bleach!


Orange Peels

A great source of vitamin C, orange can be more appealing to oneself forwarding bacteria in the mouth and brightening the white color of teeth. It can be a remedy that is used for a long time, before hitting the hay. Fresh orange peels are rubbed to teeth before sleeping.



We know that “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”. It also keeps away unwanted stains and keeps the teeth pearl white.  The acidic content of apple helps in removing stains by scrubbing. The results are the best one apple is taken for a day.


Charcoal is always known for its great adsorbent and cleansing properties. An ample of crystal-based constituents present in charcoal help in preventing plaque and also the accumulation of yellow stains. Thus, white teeth are at your reach too if you brush with activated charcoal along with toothpaste.



Naturally, cleansing property is found in salt. At its best, it also prevents yellow color in teeth. Thus, having the ability to restore white color to teeth, the salt powder is of great help if rubbed on to teeth once a week. It’s not as bad as it seems. A great remedy is at your reach if salt is mixed with baking soda.



There are so many factors that make teeth off white or discolored. Finding out them at the earliest, and avoiding such practices and taking up practices like the above mentioned helps the teeth to brilliant permanently. Instead of it being too late when one realizes, let’s start it early as the “early bird catches the worm”.