Netflix has so much content that it cannot be consumed in one lifetime. Quite recently, they began with their very own Netflix originals where they create new TV series and Movies! Isn’t that great news?

Anyway, with tons of options at your disposal, it can get difficult to choose what to watch when you browse on Netflix. So we are here to make your job easier with 10 trending TV series that must be on your watch list in December 2019.


Russian Doll 

Also considered as one of the most unique shows in 2019, Russian Doll is a story based on a woman who relives her birth-day like someone being stuck in a time loop. She dies on her birthday and the day gets reset and begins again.

What we like about the series is that its women-centric and you’ll find males in supporting roles and females in lead roles!


Sex Education 

Sex Education is the story of a boy who’s trying to come in terms with his sexuality and his mother happens to be a sex therapist. There are tons of awkward situations in this series and it’s hilarious.

What we like about this series is how they’ve brought out a topic right in the open to make the teenagers of today understand that sex is not taboo and that talking about it will always help.


Chilling Adventures of Sabrina 

Of course, we had to add a bit of a supernatural effect here. The Chilling adventure of Sabrina is about a half-witch/half-mortal who tries to balance her magic life and also take care of the threats surrounding herself and her family.

What we like about this series is that there’s a good balance of horror and realism kept by the makers. You can enjoy this series and explore the dark side of witches!



“YOU” is a thrilling drama that you can continuously watch! The story revolves around a bookstore manager who falls for a student and stalks her everywhere.

What we like about “You” is that they’ve shown the extreme side of when love becomes creepy and how someone can get so obsessed with a person they love!


The Crown 

You’ll get a good history lesson on the lives of Queen Elizabeth II and Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. There’s so much of a story which no one knows and through this series, you’ll find out everything about their lives.

What we like is that the characters have been displayed quite fantastically and the actors almost pull it off like they’re the real royals!


House of Cards 

House of Cards is a political based series that shows the dirty and deceitful side of politics. You’ll see the lengths every politician will go to maintain power.

What we like about the series is how the actors display the lives politicians live and how they manage all political power.


Our Planet

We added Our Planet on this list because it’s an amazing wildlife documentary. Each episode focuses on a unique element of Earth right from ice to forests to the sea etc.

What we like about this documentary is how they show the ruthless impact we humans are having on Mother Earth.



Atypical is the story of an autistic teenager who wishes to be independent. You’ll see him make efforts to go to college, maintain family relationships and find love too.

What we like about this series is that you’ll see a range of purely unadulterated emotions in each episode and they’re worth it!


The Spy

The Spy is based on the real-life story of Israel’s most famous spy in the 1960’s! You will see a lot of dedication in a spy who loves his country and will go to any length to protect it.

What we like about this series is Sacha Baron Cohen who’s famous for his satirical comedian career. Seeing him act in such a serious topic speaks volumes about his talent!


The Good Place

The Good Place (Heaven) is where good people go when they die. The main lead has never been a good person and on her death, she reaches “The Good Place” due to a clerical error.

What we like about this series is how they’ve funnily portrayed heaven and hell.